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6 Nov

Help Me Arrange Three Toss Pillows and a Throw On My Sofa

Pillows and throw blankets give style and comfort to your seating arrangements. Thoughtfully arranged on a couch, they include colour, texture and a welcoming ambiance. Odd numbers are visually intriguing, so begin with three pillows and you also toss for attractive arrangements. Formal and Balanced Formal decor requires a symmetrical arrangement. Spread the toss over […]
3 Nov

How to Convert My Four-Poster Bed Into a Canopy Bed

Numerous canopy options can be applied to four-poster bed frames, based on the design of the framework. In case your four-poster frame does not have the joining top rails, then check with the manufacturer to find out if a canopy kit can be found. Alternatively, install ceiling-mount curtain poles to be the top rails for […]
1 Nov

How to Generate a Couch Cover Using a Staple Gun

New fabric might be the solution if you are tired of looking at your couch or couch — but not ready to purchase a new one — with a gun to pay it with fresh. This undertaking might appear daunting, but it doesn’t need skills beyond a few sewing capability for the arms. With patience […]
6 Oct

Straight-Up Advice for Corner Spaces

The perfect home is as visually pleasing as it is functional. The former is best accomplished through your favourite decor, and the second by maximizing your space efficiently. This means taking into consideration every nook and cranny — including your corners. Corners could be overlooked when it comes to designing, but by taking advantage of […]
30 Dec

What Causes Curling Leaves on Persimmon Trees?

Common and Japanese persimmon trees (Diospyros virginiana, Diospyros kaki) have a tendency to admire. Fragrant, white or pink spring flowers, shiny green foliage changing to brilliant orange, red or yellow in autumn and deliciously sweet yellow or orange fruit make them desirable additions to ornamental or kitchen gardens. Suitable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant […]
16 Nov

The Way to Insert Extra Insulation into an Attic

An adequately insulated loft reduces your home’s energy costs by keeping warm air in during the winter and hot air outside throughout the summer. Builders usually insulate the loft during building, but sometimes additional insulation is required to increase energy efficiency. Insulation that’s moist, compressed or sprinkled loses its heat-resisting ability and ought to be […]
19 Sep

7 Tropical Bulbs for a Summer Garden That Wows

Traditional bulbs may wither in the heat of summer, but that is when bulbs in the subtropics really shine. They are useful for adding daring and striking colours and patterns to gardens everywhere; in temperate regions they may be dug up in autumn and replanted in spring, and in warmer climates they may be left […]
31 Aug

What You Must Know About Sunlight and Your House

Wherever you reside on Earth, you manage the sun. Close to the equator individuals seek colour. Toward the sticks sun is valuable. The sun provides more than light; it could create heat in houses: desired in winter, averted in summer. Sunlight also degrades several materials. Untreated wood actually falls apart, blackens or is bleached under […]
28 Aug

Must-Know Modern Homes: Villa Mairea

Along with Frank Lloyd Wright, Finnish architect Alvar Aalto stands out for being a contemporary architect with an extremely personal style that blends the historical and the contemporary. But unlike Wright, who had been born under a decade after the end of the Civil War and did his early work in the same century, Aalto […]
14 Aug

10 Furniture All-Stars of Versatility

Don’t you just adore those two-for-one deals at the supermarket? I sure do. I will always make room in my pantry to get that extra box of mac and cheese. There are furniture equivalents into the twofer at the supermarket. Some pieces simply pack a bit more versatility, having multiple uses or the capacity to […]