11 Colors From the Spice Cabinet

18 Oct

11 Colors From the Spice Cabinet

Want to liven up your own palette? Take a glimpse in the pantry. From saffron yellow and paprika red to nutmeg and cinnamon browns, inspiration is hiding right in the spice jars.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

Turmeric yellows and lush textures radiate luxury in this monochromatic room. Since the colors are retained tone-on-tone, they serve as neutrals — a nice change of pace from more conventional beige or gray.

If this space were in my house, I don’t think I’d ever abandon it. Seriously, who can withstand the cushy daybed, billowy curtains, rich saffron partitions and, of course, that chandelier? Cheery flat stripes dress down the room and make it feel even more inviting.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

What a fab palette for a nursery! Nutmeg and paprika create baby blue seem new all over again. The stripes and lines between the curtains, rug and pillow are a great touch and actually combine the space.

Economy Interiors

Deep red-brown walls, making me think of fiery chile powders, warm up this modern, spare space. The drum-style chandelier shade picks up the curtains in the adjacent living area and provides a needed top note of layout.

Harvest Architecture, LLC

I have a tendency to fall back on paint as my starting point for colour. But these fennel-green tiles, which would be right at home in either a contemporary – and also a vintage-style kitchen, are equally perfect for constructing a palette.

House + House Architects

This fireplace reminds me of a giant cinnamon stick. Set a cup of something warm in my hand, a book in my lap and a dog at my feet, and I’d be ready for the chilliest of winter nights.

Burnham Design

Pale olive on those bedroom walls evokes the dusty hue of a bay leaf. The colour calms down the crisp black and vivid red, so the room seems wonderfully soothing.

J. Stephens Interiors

Mustard-colour cabinetry glows in this outdated World-inspired kitchen. The gentle yet bright color opens up the space. I can only imagine how warm and cozy it looks as the light softens at the day.

Arctangent structure + design [ aa+d ]

Curry yellowish is the last color I’d have expected to see in this austere Zen-inspired room, but it functions. The powerful accent wall pulls the eye straight toward the Buddha that is intended to be the focal point.

It is difficult to pull off burgundy without looking outdated. This sumac colour, though, hits all of the ideal notes. The rustic log wall actually pops against it, and also the warmer wood countertop brings out its brown undertones to keep it from moving too purple.

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