10 New Color Palettes

9 Oct

10 New Color Palettes

It seems as though with every passing week, the next layer becomes added to the clothing lineup. It began with a change from shorts to pants. Soon the sweaters were pulled on and the scarves have been all wrapped. And I have to say I was fairly smitten to rock my favorite knit hat last week. Next will come fuzzy mittens and wool pea coats, and eventually we’ll seek comfort within our warm houses as opposed to the chilly outdoors.

And with the move from outside to inside there usually comes a small drop in our moods. Everything starts to look the exact same and starts to feel nostalgic. The couch gets more use, and boredom sets in.

Rather, keep things invigorating and enjoyable through the use of a new color scheme. Red, orange and yellow have been the go-to colours for autumn, but this season, I challenge you to shake up things a little. The key is to maintain the mixes you choose warm and rich yet cozy and inviting. For color inspiration, read on.


Copper and chalky black. The warmth of aluminum is always a welcome sight during the autumn months, and chalky black keeps the metallic vibe out of appearing too polished and sterile. The large copper sideboard is impressive, but this move could be easiest to integrate with chalkboard paint and aluminum accents.


Vanilla, toffee and amethyst. If you like neutrals but wish to bring some energy, then consider mixing in bits in varying tones of an accent color. These translucent purple vases add only enough punch to liven up this room.

Niki Papadopoulos

Charcoal and orchid. These deeply saturated hues look great alongside the contrasting white. If you’re searching for a great autumn color pairing which will easily carry into sunlight, this may be the sole. (I’m sorry to state the”W” word. I’ll try not to do that again for a few weeks.)

Gregory Carmichael

Vanilla and black. Softer around the eyes than black and white, this shade duo creates calming atmosphere and the ideal place to relax on a cool autumn day with a gentle woolen blanket and a tall cup of chai.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

Pumpkin, driftwood and cloud. If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to autumn color, this one’s for you. The deep orange and weathered grey meld into a wonderfully mellow backdrop while the glowing white seats keep the general look from becoming too muted.

Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

Pear and walnut. Naturally, it will help if you already have gorgeous dark hardwood flooring to pull off this soft palette, but if you do not, a wonderful walnut-stained table will work just as well. Bring in a few white to get a touch of crispness.

Praktyczne i Piękne

Shadow plum and candy pink. This smokey purple looks great in a room flooded from the warm autumn sunshine. The jewel-toned pink, stronger than its pastel cousin, adds energy and life into the space.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Feather grey, rust and straw. This beautiful grey wall complements the neutral tones of the woven headboard. Rust-colored bedding warms up the room and gives it a cozy feel.

More manners with grey and beige

Black and moss. The mossy green on the table could be difficult to see, but it looks great with the black hutch. Wooden tones during tie everything together.

Crisp apple and caramel. When deciding on a fall palette, have a hint from your favorite things about this time of year. Being a massive fan of candy apples, I instantly noticed that both of these hues look great together.

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