Words to Live By: A Little Text for Your Wall

6 Jul

Words to Live By: A Little Text for Your Wall

Words can make a mood and specify a scene in a space as much as the decor itself. When used as artwork, words may pass along a message, evoke a sense, or even transport you to a different place. Graphics and messages that are written are observed so often in commercial settings to give instruction or perhaps market something, but we’re seeing more graphic artwork in the home setting. The result is a modern aesthetic which adds interest to a space.

Graphic artwork isn’t for everyone. It is sometimes a daring and in-your-face option which requires a little bit of commitment and confidence. But when done rightwords used as artwork can be thought provoking and perhaps cryptic.

This midway sign over the credenza, which looks like it came in The State Fair of Texas, creates a feeling of enthusiasm in this interior. It’s an enjoyable and eclectic look that takes a daring homeowner to pull off nicely.


The unique use of the word’left,’ which is ironically to the right of the doorway, creates a lively feel in this space. These letters made excellent use of an awkward wall space produced by the pitched ceiling.


You do not need to go so daring as to use circus signs or neon letters. Graphic artwork may be a beautiful framed canvas or print of letters and numbers. The graphic art in this photo is lively and contrasting, adding to the room’s eclectic and modern feel. It will not clearly make a statement, but is definitely the statement bit of the room.

Elliott Kaufman

It is possible to absolutely evoke a mood and feel by designing with words. Here, a graphic featuring the word’Love’ turns an industrial brick wall into a place that feels welcoming and warm.

SB Architects

This bathroom receives a feeling of tenderness and love from a simple display of words to a song that is familiar. Especially when used in a guest bedroom or bathroom, a warm sentiment like this one can make your guests feel more at home.

Atypical Type A

Graphic artwork does not need to be a sizable statement piece. It can also be a hot handwritten letter or the handwritten lyrics of your favorite song.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

On the flip side, I also love a sense of humor. This unique little sign is such an enjoyable way to give guests a grin when they go to your bathroom.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

These stainless steel letters would be the announcement bit of the room, in a literal sense! Perhaps the best part of the signage here is the fascination and dialogue it arouses. Do not you wonder why the homeowner picked this word? I love the mystery behind it.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Graphic artwork may also be educational. A note on an awkward step helps prevent accidents while adding to the house’s creative vibe.

Words can be powerful entities. They can evoke a mood, a feel and a style. Whether or not in your face, using words as art is a unique way to make character and show off your character — without mentioning a word .

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