Wall Art That Rocks

27 Jun

Wall Art That Rocks

Do not get me wrong — I’m not a music Luddite. I believe iTunes is up there with the best inventions ever, as well as the Shazam smartphone program, which can identify a tune you do not know by simply listening to it now has radically changed my listening habits.

However, you know what I believe is a shame? The dawn of digital audio has meant a large passing in album cover art — for the money, one of the best parts of old-school vinyl records, tapes and CDs. Fortunately, these jewels are getting new life as personal, cheap artwork. Check out the ways these homeowners incorporate them and, sometimes, their contents into the decor.

Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Ltd.. Architects

This is such a trendy spin on a library. Books, albums and other creative websites fill the shelves, facing forward, to get a colorful, graphic look.

If you have albums languishing in dusty cardboard boxes, dig them out and give them pride of place at a media room display.

I am so stealing this idea for the kid’s room. Selectively selected album covers create great kid-friendly art, and you can clue your tots into the music you used to love as a child (that Michael Jackson “Thriller” cover would be in my must record).

Hung at a grid in this sweetly simple space, albums look both old-fashioned and mod.

Lola Nova

Following is a two-for-one punch: a golden album and a classic turntable. Bonus points in the event that you can remember how to operate it.

Dabble Co..

Want an inexpensive way to fill a gallery wall? Album covers do the job admirably.

Studio NOO Design

Albums mounted on the wall at a teen girl’s room look like the coolest version of polka dots.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Technically, these are tiles, but the pattern seems exactly like a wall full of vinyl. That counts.

Tell us What record covers would you have in your wall?

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