Skirted Tables Go Streamlined

9 Jun

Skirted Tables Go Streamlined

Not long ago I said to my husband that we should consider skirted night time tables for our bedroom to introduce another layer of texture amid the wooden case merchandise and metal bed frame. His reaction? A knee-jerk “ugh.” I think he instantly pictured the fussy, bombastic skirts which were common a few decades past: taffeta flounces, ruffled toppers and sweeping fringe. And he’s likely.

But table skirts have come a long way since that time. Today’s versions game crisp profiles, easy fabrics and elegant lines, and they’re worth a look when you want to add a fluid note into some space or disguise a less-than-perfect table. Take a look at the stylish approaches.

Zoe Feldman Design, Inc..

Frog closures add tone-on-tone embellishment to this fitted lace skirt, a restrained contrast with all the room’s lavish curtains.

A basic skirt in a pure fabric softens the lines of the desk. As a bonus, in addition, it generates an instant storage area — just stash bins and baskets behind it.

Patrick Sutton Associates

Draped softly over a side table, this striped skirt conveys a relaxed summer-home chic.

Anna Lattimore Interior Design

A table skirt may be a superb opportunity to pull pattern into a space. This one picks up the print onto the throw pillow at a beautifully understated manner.

Lucy Interior Design

Skirted tables sit at the heart of many a traditional foyer, but they’re usually round. This square edition, along with the overscale print and lively pom-poms, creates the look fresh all over again.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference. Subtle black trim at the border of the dapper side table skirt picks up the dark accents at the area to get a polished impact.

Dana Wolter

You do not often see skirted dining tables, however, this one strikes just the ideal note. It supplies the table weight since the centerpiece of a room, and its sleek lines complement the equally compact upholstery.

The accumulated white skirt onto this bedside table is that the room should top off its own airy, feminine aesthetic.

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