Receive a Knack for Black

18 Jun

Receive a Knack for Black

It takes some serious nerve wracking to choose black, particularly for walls. But nothing sets off colour like black. And nothing has its thickness. It may add an awareness of architecture where there’s not any to speak of, and while it does really make a room feel bigger, sometimes that is exactly that we want — something comfy and included.

Black can operate with just about any style, from traditional to modern to cottage and Craftsman. It is just about finding the right location for this. A dash or a dab? A wall or the trimming?

Here are 11 examples of shameful completed just perfect.

Laura Bendik Interiors

The rear walls in this otherwise densely boring room give it sophistication and rescue it from being merely another McMansion-beige family room.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

White trimming makes black walls seem crisp and fresh. It is a really classic look and would operate in a house with a few good bones. When painting a wall black, go to get an eggshell or satin finish to prevent an ashy look.

Robert Granoff

This black trim adds weight into an earthy room. It produces a modern look and goes well with clean lines and simple casings.


An all-black room produces a feeling of intimacy and drama. Nonetheless, it needs good lighting. This red box as the only splash of colour adds to the theatrical quality.

Kerrie L. Kelly

There is no reason a little space can’t be shameful. In reality, these black walls make this a very tasteful small powder room. The white ceiling and flooring keep it from feeling too closed.

Stacy Jacobi

Black stair kicks and rail. They seem good, don’t they?

Emery & Associates Interior Design

Black cabinetry has an old-fashioned look and can be best used beneath the counter.

Shannon Cabinetry

Black countertops in an all-white kitchen. A classic look (and a classic crumb enhancer).

Ian Moore Architects

I am a huge lover of painting the backs of bookcases. Here they’ve gone whole hog, and it looks great in this big, white room. Do not you think that it makes all those novels seem very important and serious?

Judith Balis Interiors

A black fireplace surround leaves the blue walls pop and brings the eyes neatly to the black mirror and sofa.


Black furnishings at a white area. This is sleek and modern but still comfy. Can’t you just find a hipster king and queen in this table?

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