How To Build A Strong Foundation In 5 Steps

14 Aug

How To Build A Strong Foundation In 5 Steps

concrete Tuscaloosa AL is among the most critical and expensive elements of the entire home’s structure. Although we suggest that the construction and design of a home’s concrete foundation should be done by general contractors who have consulted with a licensed engineer, the average homeowner may still be able to understand what it takes to build a solid foundation.

Home Foundation: Slab on Grade

Slab on grade, one of the many kinds of foundation repair Tuscaloosa, is used in warm climates when it isn’t necessary for foundation walls to reach down the frost line. This kind of foundation consists of a grade beam and a concrete slab.

Full Foundation

A full basement waterproofing Tuscaloosa consists mainly of two components: the footing and the foundation wall. The footing is where the foundation wall rests. Its depth is of the same dimension as the foundation wall’s width. As for the footing’s width, it’s twice that dimension.

Concrete foundations are often reinforced with rebar or metal rods. Footings need reinforcement that runs horizontally with foundation walls that have vertical rods which penetrate the footing. All reinforcings need to be set once the forms are put up and before concrete is poured.

What You’ll Need:

– Excavating Equipment
– Form lumber
– Framing hammer
– Anchor bolts
– Concrete
– Finishing tools
– Shovel
– Circular saw
– #16 nails
– Reinforcing
– Moisture barrier
– Expansion joints
– Level

Step 1: Pick a Site

Aside from picking a site, you need to make sure that you’ve thoroughly investigated the condition of the site’s soil. Most of the time, the soil’s condition would require a special concrete Tuscaloosa as the soil does not have the strength to hold up an entire house. It may also have properties which would likely cause a lot of problems down the line. A builder, a designer, and an entire building department are the ones who are capable of advising you on your particular situation.

Step 2: Survey the Lot

By having your lot surveyed, you will be able to locate and determine the foundation’s actual corners. Only then you will be able to start the process of forming your home’s foundation.

Step 3: Excavation

The excavation contractor that you’ve hired must carry out this particular step.

Step 4: Footing Installation

For this step, you will be pouring concrete may it be on wood forms or into trenches directly in order to create your footings. Take note: as the concrete is poured, you have to be aware of many do’s and don’ts. However, the most important thing you have to remember is to hire a contractor that’s quality-minded, especially on large-scale pours. The professional will give you the assurance that everything is in order.

Step 5: Sealing of the Footings

It’s important to seal the footings in order to protect them from water or moisture intrusion. A high-quality sealant is necessary. Experts will be able to recommend the ones that are best to use. After the sealing process, all you have to do next is to wait for the concrete to cure.