Guest Picks: 20 Terrific Underbench Storage Solutions

1 Oct

Guest Picks: 20 Terrific Underbench Storage Solutions

A few weeks ago I brought up the topic of sneakers versus no sneakers in the home. I loved reading everyone’s comment on the topic and found that the contrast between different areas of the world really interesting. This month I’m working with a family with three kids. They prefer that the children remove their shoes, hats, coats, etc. at the door. They’ve told me that differently those items get strewn all over the home. We decided to build out their mudroom to provide each kid a place to sit. Each child will have their own bin or basket under the bench where they’ll be expected to throw their mittens, shoes and hats. So this season, I’ve spent some time looking at different storage containers which match under seats. Below are some of my favorites. — Stephanie from SabbeSpot


Itso Full-Size Fabric Bin, Green – $12.99

The daring color is what attracted me to the, in addition to its own size. It is basically as large as you can go while maintaining the capacity to slip under a bench.

Urban Outfitters

Wire Locker Basket – $19

I really like that these are green! I’ve not ever noticed a wire basket.


RE Y-weave Set of Large Storage Baskets – $39.99

I enjoy these for their modern graphic design and endurance.

Cost Plus World Market

Charlotte Lined Wire Baskets – $7.99

These come for a great price. I personally would get rid of the fabric liner or replace it with something more entertaining. Wire can be a very durable option.

Garnet Hill

Printed Canvas Storage Bins – $28

I’m loving these new bin routines. Each child could have their own blueprint, and as you can see from this photo, they all go so well together.

Blue Ocean Traders

Locker Baskets

I really like locker baskets, but finding a classic set which actually matches can be a hard task. These are a terrific size.


Household Essentials Small Bin, Brown – $8.49

These are nice because of the grips, along with the dark color seems as though it would work well.

The Business Store

Knitted Storage Basket – $49

These come in many colors. It would be fun if every child had their own colour. I also think they are superbly designed.

Blue Ocean Traders

Picker’s Basket

This one has the look of a fisherman’s basket. I think that it’s beautiful.


Threshold Vintage Milk Crate, Light – $24.99

I’ve spent a whole lot of time searching classic crates, and I recently found that Target has their own version. They are well priced too.

Blue Ocean Traders

German Wine Crate

I think it wold be fun to add casters to these classic crates, and perhaps a fabric liner so that little things do not fall out.

The Container Store

Rugby Stripe Bins – $9.99

Everything is better with stripes. This bin is no exception.

The Container Store

Water Hyacinth Bins – $7.99

Woven baskets can add a great natural element to a space, and I think they look so clean and tidy.

Urban Outfitters

Wire Storage Basket – $39

This is just another classic find made easy.

The Container Store

Jute Bins – $9.99

This is actually the bin we actually ended up going with for my project. Handles, a dark color, roomy dimensions — offered!

Bodie and Fou

Wire Storage Basket – GBP 20

This is probably not the best usage of space for under a bench since it is a little small, but I really like the irregularity of these wires.

Cost Plus World Market

Organic Carrie Basket Collection – $19.99

I’ve got this kind of basket in my child’s nursery. The grips make them easy to drag around from room to room.

Garnet Hill

Square Wire Storage Baskets – $88

These slightly weathered wire baskets add a sort of found-object vibe to the space.

Garnet Hill

Kids’ Printed Canvas Storage Bin, Celestial Blue Stripe – $28

Stripes are the new black.

At West End

Wire Storage Baskets With Handles, Antique Blue-Gray Finish – $169

This is by far my favorite. It appears like antique bag. So charming and well designed!

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