10 Rock Wall Ideas for a Style-Strong Patio

15 Sep

10 Rock Wall Ideas for a Style-Strong Patio

Rock walls have been utilized to specify outdoor spaces and include organic appeal to the landscape — push through any New England village and you will likely see low stone walls dotting the countryside. Landscape architects and designers today are updating these rustic stone structures for present lifestyles. From innovative designs integrating fountains, fire pits and benches to delightfully functional solutions for spaces that are challenging, the stone wall has come a very long way from the rural roots.

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1. Create a cozy nook. Have a cue from this stunning patio and use a curved stone wall with an attached bench to specify a seating area around a fire pit.

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2. Give structure to a wide expanse of yard. Use a softly curving, low stone wall to place the patio area aside from the remainder of the lawn. For more privacy, add flowers like these black-eyed Susans and little trees on the patio side of this stone wall.

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3. Give a petite patio a charming touch. Conjure an English cabin by including a classic stone wall and backyard gate to a small back patio. For the finishing touch, plant a wealth of tracking flowers around the fence.

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4. Provide an elegant background for plantings. Natural stone is the best foil for virtually any kind of planting. This low stone wall adds appeal to waving grasses and mixed flower beds, and defines the patio.

5. Incorporate a fountain. Like part of a recently unearthed ruin, this stone wall builds up to the greatest point in the middle, framing a burbling fountain. Backed with tall shrubs for privacy, it’d be just right in a small urban lot.

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6. Let your stone wall twice as patio seats. A low stone wall is often naturally the right height for perching, so why don’t you go with this? A gentle “S” curve adds shape to patios and flower beds, while soft cushions make it clear to guests who sitting on the wall is encouraged.

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7. Define outdoor rooms with a series of stone walls. Multiple stone walls create a second home outside. Here low stone walls specify an outdoor dining room, and outside, a stone fireplace and an outside living area.

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8. Landscape a terraced hillside. If your house involves a steeply sloping hillside, think about working with a landscape designer to make a terraced garden with stone walls. Terraced gardens are incredibly elegant and protect your site from erosion.

The terraces revealed here offer a compelling background to the sunken patio and outside fireplace area.

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9. Carve out a private place with a stone retaining wall. A single stone retaining wall is another option for those who have a hill to contend. This works best with a gently sloping hillside; use a terraced-garden approach (including the one in the last photo) on steep hillsides rather than

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10. Boost front-yard living space with a low stone wall. Direct traffic to the doorway with a transparent path, and use the stone walls to indicate the regions of the lawn you want to keep more private. This is a garden, but you can accommodate the same approach out front.

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